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Since there is ALWAYS someone in my family present in every post, I figured they deserved an introduction. They rock my socks, make me question my sanity, and definitely make my life better!

Meet my oldest, Madelyn…(Mae, the MADwoman, Mavis, Moobear, Sissy…)

This kid, man…100% me.  She’s 6 1/2 going on 21.  She’s my little buddy and makes me belly laugh every day. Her stubbornness puts mine to shame! She’s super smart and a bookworm just like her Mama. She adores helping me in the kitchen…garden…parent her little sister…she’s ridiculously silly and loves being a big sister.  The way I always describe her is FIERCELY INDEPENDENT!

Liliana…the baby (Tula, Lula, Two, Smush)

Watch out for this one, folks! She is my warrior, Tasmanian Devil, source of MANY headaches, and absolutely wonderful. She’s a threenager and rocks it–stubbornness, independence, and her way or the highway are currently how she rolls. She is a fierce lover of animals and will drop what she’s doing to pet ours. She loves her sister and has FINALLY (after 3 years…) found her love of the outdoors.


He’s probably going to KILL me for writing about him. He’s more of a “behind the scenes” guy. Hands down he’s the best guy I could’ve imagined marrying (and I’m not just saying that!) We carry on conversations through movie quotes, enjoy a lot of the same things, and force each other to do new things. He builds me houses for my animals, even when he says the last one was the final project. He supports me in everything and I try to do the same to him. He’s an awesome dad and, despite his protests, loves our animals!

Luke (Lukey Dukey, Duke, WOOK, NO!)

The first dog that was all mine. I rescued him, which is another story I will let my husband tell. He has severe anxiety and is on Prozac to treat it. Despite that, he is the sweetest dog I have ever had. Sure, he runs away without his fence collar on. But he loves my kiddos, is OBSESSED with hubs, and is always so happy to see anyone. He really is the best dog ever.


We also have two cats and 32 chickens. They are also behind the scenes kinda folk–the cats were rescues and take a hot second to warm up to you!

There you have it! The awesome people who make my life better and make me strive to be better every day. It’s definitely not always rainbows and butterflies, but there’s always love. We have a crazy good time together and I can’t imagine being on this ride with any other crew!

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