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My name is Libby and I live on a small homestead in the mountains of rural Vermont.  Over the past couple of years, I have been bitten by the “homesteading bug,” or an intense desire to become more self-sufficient and aware of where the food I put on my table comes from.  I relish in seemingly forgotten tasks like canning, baking, and growing my own food.  Together with my husband we have two beautiful girls who keep us on our toes, two crazy dogs, a cat, more chickens than my husband knows about, an abundance of gardens which expand every year, and a growing food storage.

During the school year I am a Special Educator at our local high school.  I absolutely love my job–it challenges me daily and is immensely satisfying!  When I’m not busy at school, I’m a homebody who adores puttering around our property–whether it’s in the kitchen, in the garden, or getting my hands dirty.  I love a good book, a good glass of red wine, and a fire outside.

Thanks to this blog, my growing homestead finally found its name.  I am the queen of nicknames–each of my kiddos has about 30!  Tula Mae comes from the main nickname for each girl.  My oldest has been Mae for as long as I can remember.  My youngest was Lula, but it was too confusing with my niece being Lulu–since she’s the second daughter we started calling her Two.  This eventually shifted to Tula and Tula Mae Homestead was born!